Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the right type of decorative floor?

The flooring system that is right for you will largely depend on your needs and objectives. Different materials, application techniques, and topcoats provide their own unique strengths. Let our technicians know what you expect from the performance and the appearance of your new floor, and we will help you navigate through the numerous premium flooring systems we provide.

Will my concrete flooring system be cold and hard on the feet?

Decorative concrete floors are comparably cold and hard as any other highly durable flooring material, such as natural stone or ceramic tile. Concrete may actually be warmer at times, as it has thermal properties that allow it to store and radiate heat.

As concrete floors are conducive to storing heat, they are excellent options if you are interested in installing heating cables under your floors, and they are perfect for new energy efficient homes that are well insulated and designed to optimize heat sources.

How long do these flooring systems last?

The lifespan of your floor will depend largely upon the flooring system and protective topcoat that you choose, as well as the amount of maintenance that is performed. If you follow the recommendations provided by Düraamen of Lancaster, your new premium floor will likely significantly outlast other high-end flooring alternatives, providing you with an excellent return on your investment.

Won’t my polished and coated floor be too slippery?

Our glossy protective topcoats can reduce traction quite a bit, but this problem can easily be resolved. If you are concerned about the slickness of your new floor, additives can be blended with the topcoat to create a nonslip surface.

Will my decorative floor require a lot of maintenance?

If you want to extend the life of any floor, you will need to perform some level of maintenance. The benefit of having one of our flooring systems installed is that your maintenance load will be lightened. Our decorative concrete flooring systems and protective topcoats provide seamless surfaces that are resistant to abrasions, bacteria, and chemicals. Occasional sweeping and mopping will keep these premium floors performing like new for many years.

Won’t my high performance flooring system be expensive?

High performance, decorative flooring options do require a larger initial investment than less durable flooring options such as wood laminates or carpeting, but will obviously last much longer than these alternatives.

If you would prefer a floor that will maintain its integrity and aesthetic appeal, even in the face of harsh elements, changes in temperature, and immense pressure, you will need a heavy duty flooring system. Our decorative and durable flooring options are often much more cost efficient than other high-end options such as ceramic tile or stone floors. The Düraamen of Lancaster technicians can also use our state-of-the-art materials to economically replicate the appearance many of these premium flooring materials.