Industrial Flooring Systems

Choosing a flooring system for an industrial building is a major decision, as this floor must be safe, durable, easily maintainable, and should allow employees and equipment to function easily. Concrete floors in warehouses and plants, if not installed using the right systems and techniques, can become damaged and deteriorated due to chemicals, oils, and intense day-to-day wear.

Industrial businesses can save time, frustration, and resources by having Düraamen of Lancaster design and install an appropriate industrial flooring system.

Why Do I Need Protection for My Concrete?

Industrial businesses will often choose concrete floors because they are strong and economical, but this does not mean that the floors are indestructible. Concrete that has not been properly coated is vulnerable because bare concrete is porous and will absorb and react with chemicals, and is subject to cracks and other defects.

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Düraamen of Lancaster installs a variety of epoxy industrial flooring systems that will create a protective barrier, shielding your concrete floor from moisture and other elements that may cause damage. This allows you to benefit from the strength and durability of concrete without worrying about abrasions, corrosion, or discoloration.

Depending upon your needs and objectives for your floor, we can install:

  • High Build Epoxy Systems – featuring an epoxy body coat and a polyurethane or polyasporatic protective topcoat.
  • Trowel Applied Epoxy Mortar Systems – with a thick resin blend that is especially effective for heavy-wear industrial settings.
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems – excellent for settings where achieving a seamless, even floor is vital.

While our industrial flooring systems may provide superior safety and performance, they also allow you to spruce up your showrooms, offices, or any other business space with designer colors. Click here to view your industrial floor system color options.

Protect Your Industrial Concrete Floor with Our Help

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