Duraamen Garage Floor Coatings

Duraamen Garage Floor Installation

Duraamen Garage Floor installation

Let’s face it. Most garage floors are, at best, dull and lifeless. If you are looking to add some life to your garage floor without reducing its functionality, Duraamen of Lancaster can help. Our epoxy floor coatings and other flooring options can ensure that you have a garage floor that can withstand everything you need it to while also looking great. This is true whether you are looking to put a new floor in your residential garage or are looking to improve the flooring of a commercial garage where you work with customers on a daily basis.

What to Look for in a Garage Floor

When looking to have a new garage floor installed, there are definitely some qualities that you want to look for. You want a floor that can stand up to things like hot tires, battery acid, spills, dirt, oil, and more. You want a floor that is easy to maintain and that will keep its stylish look no matter what you might put it through- and if you own a busy garage, you are going to put it through a lot!

What Can My Floor Look Like?

You will find that Duraamen of Lancaster can do almost anything with your garage floor. Once we have fully cleaned and prepared the surface, we will prime it and apply an epoxy base coat. We can blend this coat with a number of different additives, giving it the look you want, whether that be granite, quartz, or any other natural stone. There are also many other color and pattern options for you to choose from. Whatever your artistic vision of your floor may be, we can turn your dream into a reality and we will do so gladly.

What If You Can’t Work with My Garage Floor?

Don’t worry about that!  While your particular floor may require more prep work than others, we can work on any garage floor. Even if your flooring is cracked, pitted, or otherwise flawed, you will find that we have both the materials and the expertise to fix it and make it look like new again. Floors that are severely damaged may be best being replaced, but no matter the condition, we guarantee that there is an option to give you the garage floor that you have been looking for!

Why Should I Choose Duraamen of Lancaster?

We know that you have many options when it comes to refinishing and restoring your garage floor, so why choose us? Simply put, Duraamen is the best. We have tons of experience working on floors in every condition, and our employees have undergone rigorous training to help make them the very best at what they do. We also offer highly competitive prices and utilize only the very best flooring materials available. When you combine the best materials with some of the best professionals in the business, it is easy to see why choosing concrete flooring coatings and other services from Duraamen of Lancaster is your best bet when it comes to redoing your garage floor!