Designer Epoxy Coatings

Designer epoxy coatings are used to create seamless, artistic flooring options for homes, restaurants, hospitality business, retail stores, schools, and many other residential and commercial properties. In addition to providing a durable and glass like finish that can perform even in industrial settings, designer metallic epoxy coatings allow you to have great creative control over the design of your floor.

What are Designer Epoxy Coatings?

D├╝raamen of Lancaster will apply a solid, translucent epoxy coating to the surface of your floor, which has been formulated to include metallic pigments or colored metal powders. The pigments are blended and integrated strategically in order to create the design you desire.

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As the metallic pigments mix and set within the epoxy, the patterns in the floor take on a unique three-dimensional look as light is reflected from different angles within the floor. Blending, splattering, blotching, and using a number of other application techniques can create a wide range of interesting design effects. This level of depth and versatility can scarcely be achieved using any other flooring technique.

Preparing for a Metallic Epoxy Coating

In order to accomplish the sleek and glasslike surface using an epoxy coating, it is necessary to have an already leveled floor. If you have a concrete floor with imperfections, or if you are adhering the epoxy coating to tile, plywood, or VCT, the installation of a smooth concrete underlayment may be necessary.

The typical metallic epoxy application process lasts approximately four to five days, and with the help of a protective topcoat and regular maintenance, your floor will enjoy a lifetime of exquisite design, color, and durability.

Metallic Epoxy Coating Installation Services in Lancaster / Harrisburg, PA

Contact Duraamen of Lancaster for epoxy coating solutions by calling 1.717.739.5705 and have an artistic, tailor-made floor created for your building.

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