Concrete Resurfacing for interior floors

Are you tired of looking at cracks, stains, or any other flaws that are scarring your interior concrete surfaces? The concrete floors in your business or home can be completely repaired and transformed with the help of Duraamen of Lancaster concrete resurfacing solutions.

The reason we often put off having our concrete surfaces repaired is because removing and replacing a concrete floor is a time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive process. Concrete resurfacing provides an effective and affordable alternative.

What does the Concrete Resurfacing Process Entail?

Preparation – First, the surface of the concrete will need to be cleared of grease, dirt, or any other debris.

Moisture Vapor – If necessary, the floor will be tested and treated for moisture vapor emission.

Application – A polymer modified self-leveling concrete, or concrete micro topping will be applied. The self-leveling concrete is typically applied at a thickness of ¼” to 1 – 1/12” while the micro-toppings, or skim coats, are applied at thicknesses smaller than ¼”.

The type of concrete resurfacing material used will depend upon the surface look desired, for example if you prefer a trowelled or smooth look for your floor.

Color and Design – The concrete can be integrally colored using chemical or water-based stains, and designs can be created along the surface if you would like to incorporate a pattern or logo into the floor. Many of our clients use concrete resurfacing to transform their dull concrete floors into sophisticated natural stone floors.

Color Options:

Protective Seal – Sealants and topcoats are applied to the concrete to protect your new floor, keeping it shiny and durable. We offer protective topcoats in gloss, satin, matte, and flat finishes, and additives can be used to make the floor non-slippery.

The entire Düraamen of Lancaster concrete resurfacing process typically takes four to five days or more, depending upon your design requirements. The longevity of the floor will depend upon the amount of maintenance performed and the topcoat used. We will gladly provide you with recommendations regarding topcoats that will best enable your floor to maintain its appearance and durability.

When to Resurface and When to Replace

Resurfacing your concrete is always a more appealing alternative to replacing the concrete, but it is not always a viable option. If your concrete floor has large cracks, or other significant damage, total replacement of the floor may be your best option.

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Düraamen of Lancaster proudly provides concrete resurfacing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and throughout surrounding cities. If you are interested in completely revitalizing your concrete floors, contact us today to learn more.

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