Exterior Concrete Resurfacing

Outdoor concrete resurfacing provides an excellent way to enhance the exterior design of your residential or commercial property. Duraamen of Lancaster can correct flaws and add a decorative touch to your patio, pool deck, driveway, walkway, or any other exterior concrete surface.

Exterior concrete is especially vulnerable because it is exposed to the elements, and can eventually become weathered, discolored, and cracked. Completely replacing your concrete surfaces can be expensive, and very disruptive. Concrete resurfacing provides a timely and cost-effective solution, and enables you to get creative with the overall design of your exterior floors and walkways.

This is your opportunity to upgrade your exterior concrete surfaces by incorporating different colors and patterns. A wide variety of stains and stencils can be used to best compliment your architecture and outdoor décor.

The Duraamen of Lancaster Concrete Resurfacing Process

After thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface of the concrete, we will test and treat for moisture vapor emission if necessary.

Next, we will apply a polymer-modified concrete overlay. Exterior concrete resurfacing products can be applied at thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 1-1/12”, depending upon the design requirements.

Stains or dyes may be applied to the concrete to achieve the color you desire, and patterns, logos, and other designs can be engraved or stenciled into the surface of the concrete.

Color Options:

Finally, sealants and coatings are applied to provide protection. These topcoats are available in satin, high-gloss, flat, and matte finishes, and can be made to be non-slippery if necessary.

The resurfacing of your exterior concrete can generally be completed in four to five days, but can require more time depending upon the design and on-site conditions. The longevity of your concrete will depend upon the level of maintenance performed, as well as the type of topcoat chosen.Düraamen of Lancaster will gladly provide topcoat recommendations.

Knowing When to Replace Exterior Concrete

If you are simply interested in enhancing the appearance of your patio or walkway, or if you want to cover minor damage or discoloration, concrete resurfacing is an excellent option. However, if your concrete has areas of major disrepair, such as severe cracks, resurfacing will not be a viable solution. Under these circumstances, total replacement may be necessary.

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