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Discovering the York County Concrete Floor Possibilities Available to You

Thanks to recent advancements in products and application techniques, it is time to give interior concrete floors further consideration. An increasing number of government institutions, retail stores, restaurants, and even homeowners are choosing artistic concrete floors in York Country, PA. Once you understand the design and performance possibilities, you will see why this trend is occurring.


Düraamen of Lancaster provides concrete floor contractors in York County who can help you:

Revitalize Your Existing Concrete Floors – If you already have a concrete floor, but it has been damaged, or is not as attractive as you’d like, we can help. Düraamen provides concrete resurfacing services that involve the installation of overlays that can cover major flaws and change the appearance of the surface.


Once the surface of the concrete floor is ready, specialized equipment will be used to grind and polish the concrete. Creating polished concrete requires several stages of polishing. Düraamen can complete the appropriate number of passes over your floor to achieve your desired level of glossiness.


Enjoy Creative Stained Flooring in York County – Most people hire our concrete floor contractors because they are interested in flooring systems that are durable, but also because they want artistic concrete floors. Stained flooring techniques make it possible to achieve a floor that is both resilient and decorative.


Original and creative floors can be achieved by carefully applying water-based dyes or chemical stains to the flooring materials. The skilled and experienced technicians at Düraamen can walk you through how you can best achieve your dream design, and can utilize the application techniques and products required to deliver great results. You can use these methods to create floors that mimic the look of alternative flooring materials, or you can create your own original aesthetics.


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