Why Designers are Choosing Polished Concrete in Westchester, PA

The floors are often the most underappreciated, but extremely important, element of a building design. Because they cover a large amount of space, flooring systems can have a major influence over how your property looks, and how enjoyably people can live, visit, and work in the room. Düraamen of Lancaster installs artistic concrete floors in Westchester, PA that deliver the affordable, attractive, and functional results needed.

Aren’t Concrete Floors Supposed to Be Outside?

Once you see how stunning stained flooring and polished concrete can be, you will want these surfaces inside and outside your property. There are many different advantages that come with hiring our Westchester concrete floor contractors for your project, including:


Inventive Designs – As mentioned, these flooring systems can include stained flooring. This means that the resin used in the project is dyed or stained during the application process in order to create colors, patinas, spatters, patterns and other interesting designs. These artistic concrete floors provide you with an affordable way to create a unique, memorable and attractive surface without going over budget.


Seamless Floors – If you have a floor with joints and openings, probably one of your least favorite chores is hunching over and scrubbing all of the dirt and build-up out of these crevices. With interior concrete floors, you do not have to worry about this task, because there are no joints to speak of. The concrete floor is seamless.


Completely Safeguarded – The Westchester flooring systems provided by Düraamen typically include some form of protective topcoat that optimizes the strength and resilience of the floor. These topcoats can help improve the appearance of the floor, and make the surface more resistant to dirt, moisture, chemicals and other contaminants


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