Achieving Durable, Decorative, and Artistic Concrete Floors in Myerstown, PA

It has become increasingly commonplace to find interior concrete floors in Myerstown, and throughout many other areas of Pennsylvania. This is likely because Düraamen of Lancaster has been installing high performance, artistic concrete floors to business, homes, and institutions throughout the area, with remarkable success.

These Myerstown, PA concrete floor contractors are not installing what you probably imagine when you think of concrete. They specialize in premium flooring systems that include stained flooring, polished concrete and other services and applications that lead to attractive and resilient surfaces.

Benefiting from Polished Concrete in Myerstown, PA

Even homes and businesses that already have a concrete floor can completely transform the look and functionality of their space with the help of concrete polishing and/or concrete resurfacing.

Using advanced equipment and techniques, Düraamen of Lancaster can grind and polish the existing concrete, and apply a protective topcoat, in order to achieve a glossy, smooth and impressive result.

If the existing floor is damaged, the concrete can be resurfaced first using overlays. These overlays can match the existing surface or stained flooring can be applied to chains the color of the floor. The floor is then ground and polished in phases, allowing the possibility to achieve specific levels or sheen.

Myerstown Stained Flooring Allows for Increased Design Creativity

Highly original and artistic concrete floors are frequently being created with the help of stained flooring. During this process, chemical or water-based stains or dyes are blended with the resinous flooring materials in order to manipulate the color.

The techniques used to apply the colors allow for concrete floor contractors to create unique and inventive designs. For example, there are chemical stains that can be added to the surface of the natural concrete in order to produce reactions and interesting affects.

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