Durable and Decorative Concrete Floor Solutions in Middletown, PA

At Düraamen of Lancaster, we strive to prove to the people of Middletown, PA that interior concrete floors can be both durable and beautiful. We are proud to have already earned a reputation for installing creative and artistic concrete floors that are resilient and easy for property owners to maintain.

Achieving the Unique Floor Design You Desire

Many of our clients make the mistake of thinking that they will need to order expensive and exotic flooring materials if they want to achieve a unique and eye-catching design. Our Middletown flooring systems provide diverse methods of enhancing the look and feel of your floor without breaking your budget.


Polished Concrete and Concrete Resurfacing – If you already have a concrete floor, you may be able to cost efficiently and drastically improve its appearance with the help of concrete polishing and/or resurfacing. When creating polished concrete in Middletown, our concrete floor contractors use top of the line equipment to grind and polish the surface. This is completed in a series of phasing, allowing us to control the amount of glossiness that is achieved.


If your concrete floor has significant wear or damage, these flaws could show through even after the polishing. In this event, it may be necessary to first resurface the concrete using overlays. If desired, the overlays can be stained flooring materials, allowing you to changed the color of your floor.


Decorative and Artistic Concrete Floors – Speaking of stained flooring in Middletown, concrete flooring systems leave plenty of room for creativity and artistry. The resinous flooring materials can be blended with water-based dyes or chemical stains may be used to generate reactions and interesting visual affects within the concrete. The end result is an original, inventive, and attention-grabbing custom floor.

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