High Performance Artistic Concrete Floors in Lititz, PA

Düraamen of Lancaster has proudly earned its reputation for installing high quality flooring systems in Lititz, Pennsylvania and throughout the surrounding communities. Our services and products are unique in that they deliver the ideal balance of form and function. They are incredibly durable and can be artistic and eye-catching as well.

Create the Unique Concrete Floor You Want

When thinking of concrete flooring systems, you may conjure images of dull, grimy, and boring slabs – but that could not be farther from the reality of what our Lititz concrete floor contractors can provide. There are many different ways in which our team can enhance the flooring systems in order to better suit your goals.

Polished Concrete

– In Lititz, polished concrete has become increasingly common. Düraamen of Lancaster utilizes the latest equipment and supplies necessary to create a variety of different impressive finishes on exterior and interior concrete floors.


The polishing is completed over a several phases, allowing us to achieve a customized level of shine. Regardless of the finish chosen, the end result is always a great-looking, incredibly durable concrete floor. Polished concrete in Lititz is especially popular among business owners in need of a cost efficient way to install a strong and attractive floor in their commercial property.


Artistic Concrete Floors – The aesthetics that can be achieved using our concrete flooring systems are practically endless. Using dyed and stained flooring in Lititz, we are able to incorporate nearly any design and pattern into the concrete floors. Our concrete floor contractors are able to replicate many premium flooring materials and we can even incorporate business logos into the floor design.

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