Exploring Hummelstown Concrete Floor Installation Options

The recent advancements in concrete flooring systems have certainly taken the construction industry by storm. Many restaurants, retail stores, government institutions, and even private homeowners are choosing interior concrete floors in Hummelstown, PA and throughout the surrounding communities.


If you are unfamiliar with these increasingly popular flooring systems, they are not your run of the mill concrete slabs. Instead, they are decorative and artistic concrete floors, created using resins, epoxies, and protective top coating materials. The end result is a beautiful polished concrete floor that is durable and original.


Stained Flooring in Hummelstown, PA – Water-based and chemical stains can be blended with the resinous materials in order to create a desired color, or combination of colors, for the floor. This technique has opened up a vast world of possibilities for interior designers and property owners.


When working with skilled Hummelstown concrete floor contractors that know the proper application practices, it is possible to achieve highly inventive and artistic concrete floors. Business owners can have logos or brand symbols incorporated in the design, or the concrete can be stained and polished to mimic a natural stone floor.


Hummelstown Polished Concrete and Concrete Resurfacing – There are many properties that already have concrete floors, but these floors are dull, damaged or otherwise subpar. Concrete polishing and/or concrete resurfacing can inject new life into these surfaces.


Düraamen of Lancaster can apply concrete overlays, including stained flooring if desired, to the existing surface in order to make the floor look like new. Using the most advanced equipment available, the floor can then be polished to create the desired level of sheen. The interior concrete floors can be polished to appear very glossy, or can be given a satin finish.


Start the Journey Toward Your New Concrete Floor


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