Installing a New Concrete Floor in Ephrata

If you are in need of a new floor, whether it be in your home or in a commercial property, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Fortunately, Düraamen of Lancaster can connect you with concrete floor contractors in Ephrata, PA that can provide you with top quality flooring systems.


Our team has vast experience installing both exterior and interior concrete floors that are strong, resilient, and attractive. When installing any concrete floor in Ephrata, or any of the nearby PA regions, we always take great care to listen to the needs of the customer, and deliver tailored results.

Benefits of Choosing Our Ephrata Concrete Floor Contractors

Quality Flooring Systems – Why make the mistake of installing cheap flooring products that are going to show wear almost immediately, and need to be replaced after just a few years? By choosing our flooring systems, which can include protective coatings that will guard against moisture, temperature shock, heavy traffic, and other elements, you can enjoy a strong foundation that will last.


Low Maintenance Polished Concrete – In Ephrata, polished concrete is now in high demand by both our residential and commercial customers. Everyone is beginning to realize that these options, which may include stained flooring, can be visually appealing, while also being economical and easy to keep clean.


Creative and Artistic Concrete Floors – Concrete floors don’t have to be boring and Düraamen of Lancaster proves this every day. We have installed many interior concrete floors in Ephrata, PA that have included stained flooring, intricate designs, textures and patterns that give the floor a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. We can achieve nearly any look our clients can imagine.


If you would like to know more about the flooring systems installed in Ephrata, PA, contact us today at 717.739.5705 to discuss your options.