Your Answer to Quality Flooring Systems in East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

Düraamen of Lancaster installs high performance decorative concrete floors in East Petersburg, PA that deliver astonishing, long lasting results. If you are in need of exterior or interior concrete floors that will withstand even the harshest elements, while maintaining a stunning appearance, we have the concrete floor contractors that are up to the challenge.

Extensive Range of Artistic Concrete Floors in East Petersburg

It is understandable that you may not be familiar with the many different ways in which a new concrete floor can be installed. Depending upon your needs, Düraamen of Lancaster can help you meet your goals with services such as:

Polished Concrete

Düraamen creates polished concrete for East Petersburg clients using several different methods. Your natural concrete floor can be polished, or a concrete sealant and/or overlay can be applied to the existing surface. Stained flooring is available if you would like the overlay to be dyed.


Whether you need concrete resurfacing or if your existing floors are being polished, the end result will be a highly durable surface with your desired level of sheen.

Custom Artistic Concrete Floors

In East Petersburg, stained flooring is a very popular choice among both our residential and commercial clients. When installing exterior or interior concrete floors, we are able to use chemical stains and natural dyes in order to achieve many imaginative designs within the floor.


The stains themselves can be blended in order to achieve a specific color, and specialized application techniques can be used to attain different patterns and effects. Our concrete floor contractors can even use products and applications that will allow your new concrete floor to emulate the look of natural stone.

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This is just a small glimpse of the premium services provided by Düraamen of Lancaster. To learn more about your options for flooring systems in East Petersburg, PA, call 717.739.5705.