Experienced and Talented Concrete Floor Contractors in Coatesville, PA

Transform your property from the ground up by focusing first on your flooring systems. Düraamen of Lancaster specializes in creating durable and artistic concrete floors in Coatesville, Pennsylvania that will turn heads while performing as needed for many years. If you are in need of a cost efficient way to install resilient and attractive floors, you’ve found the best possible resource.

Why Should I Choose Interior Concrete Floors for My Property?

xYou might be thinking that concrete floors are meant for the exterior of your building, but with new resinous stained flooring, you will be rethinking this idea, and welcoming a concrete floor inside your home or business. The advantages of choosing concrete flooring systems in Coatesville include:


Seamless Installation – Having a resinous, seamless concrete floor installed is a true luxury. Because the floors are constructed using resins and epoxies that are spread across the surface, there are no joints or crevices where dirt and grime can accumulate. This means no grout joints that will need to be scrubbed for hours


Extra Protection – The Coatesville flooring systems installed by Düraamen can also be designed to include protective top coating, which is recommended for all floors. With a protective topcoat barrier working with the durability of the floor, your surface will easily be able to resist damage that could be caused by water, chemicals, temperature shock, heavy traffic or many other hazards.


Originality – Looking for an affordable way to make your flooring stand out? Artistic concrete floors are the answer. Blending dyes and stains with the resins can create stained flooring of nearly any color. The talented concrete floor contractors at Düraamen are familiar with the products and application techniques necessary to achieve your dream design.

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