Duraamen Garage Floor Installation

Duraamen of Lancaster Can Help Refinish Your Garage Floor

Is your garage floor little more than a slab of grey concrete? Are you looking to make it more attractive while making it more durable in the process? If so, garage floor refinishing from Duraamen of Lancaster is certainly a great option. Garage floor coatings are simple to install and come in a variety of looks so that you can match your garage floor to the rest of the space or even create the look of expensive stone.

A Garage Floor Coating Can Improve Aesthetics

If your garage floor is drab and covered in stains and pitting, it could definitely do with a makeover. A quality garage floor coating will give your flooring a brand new look. With the right primer and epoxy coating, your floor can easily have the look of quartz, granite, or natural stone without your having to pay the expense of these materials. You can also choose to have your floor finished in a solid color. At Duraamen of Lancaster, you can tell us what you want your garage floor to look like, and we will do what it takes to create exactly what you are looking for.

Looks Aren’t Everything

While you certainly want a garage floor that looks great, we know that looks aren’t everything. You need a garage floor that can stand up to hot tired, oil, grease, and even drops and dings. Our protective top coats help keep your floors protected against all of this and more. If you like, we can also add an aggregate that helps provide additional protection against slips and falls. We know that durability and longevity are important considerations when choosing a garage floor coating, and our options are certainly designed to last and to stand up to whatever you throw at them.

Choose Us and Get the Garage Floor You’ve Been Longing For

If you are interested in having your garage floor refinished, contact Duraamen of Lancaster for a free quote or to request more information. Our services are quite varied, and we can even work with damaged floors by applying concrete overlays before refinishing. If your floor is badly damaged, we can even install a brand new concrete floor. Don’t settle for a gray slab of concrete that chips, scuffs, and holds stains. Let Duraamen and our team of professionals help you give your garage floor a brand new look!


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