Lancaster Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Repair in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster business owners and homeowners have chosen concrete flooring because it is durable and looks great. Of course, concrete can be damaged, and it is important for concrete contractors to provide quality concrete floor repairs for Lancaster area clients. Your customers should know that floors that have been subject to minor damage may not need to be completely replaced. Instead, a concrete resurfacing may do the trick.

 Indoor Concrete Floor Repair

Indoor concrete floor resurfacing will provide repair to floors that have been cracked, scarred, stained or are otherwise damaged in a cost-effective and time-effective way. Your customers and clients will certainly appreciate that combination.

Start by clearing the floor and removing dirt and debris from the area. You may also need to test the emissions of water vapor of the floor. Once everything is ready, you can apply a self-leveling concrete or topper as desired by the customer. There are many options available to fit the needs of the business or homeowner, such as skim coats or micro-toppings. Also, your customer may desire a unique color or design to liven up the space.

Indoors, decorative concrete has exploded in popularity. Your customer may desire an updated look with their concrete floor repair. Lancaster businesses of many types now feature floors treated with chemical stains, concrete designs or colors ranging from base white to carbon black and many hues in between. Give your client the look and feel of a brand new floor in a fraction of the time and cost, and they will certainly enjoy the experience.

After the floors are finished, it is always a good idea to add a protective seal to make the floors more durable and look newer longer. Sealants and topcoats provide shine, or a duller look, with additional benefits like nonstick coating – whatever the customer prefers.

 Outdoor Concrete Floor Repair

Of course, many Lancaster companies and homeowners have also used concrete in outdoor areas. Residential and commercial properties in Lancaster now feature decorative concrete in pool decks, patios, walkways, driveways and almost any other area imaginable. However, outdoor concrete is susceptible to a wider range of dangers due to weather and prolonged exposure to the sun, which can weaken the material. Over time, wear and tear is likely to show outdoors more than it will with indoor foot traffic.

By helping your customer with an outdoor concrete floor repair in Lancaster, you can elevate the look of their outdoor areas. Thanks to innovations in the concrete industry, the material can now be made to look much more expensive with color treatments, stencils and stamps. Concrete can now be installed to look like tile, stone or many other materials that are very pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, with sealants and weather resistant coatings, outdoor concrete areas will look beautiful longer than ever before.

Many of the same products and design elements are available for outdoor areas as they are indoors. This means that your customer’s concrete floor repair will look just as good outdoors as inside their Lancaster home or business.


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